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Chalmers Islamiska förening

A student association for Muslims at Chalmers University of Technology

About US

CIF (Chalmers Islamiska Förening) stands as a student organization committed to enriching the experiences of Muslim students at Chalmers University of Technology. One of our primary roles is organizing the weekly Friday prayers in Chalmers on campus Johanneberg. We also work to maintain the prayer rooms clean and comfortable. In addition to fostering a welcoming environment, we proudly represent the Muslim student community within the university. This involves booking halls and rooms for special events, such as Eid gatherings and Iftar during Ramadan.

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Our Activities

We at CIF offer a wide range of activities that celebrate Islamic holidays with the aim to strengthen the brotherhood and unity of our members.

Where to Pray in Chalmers?


3rd Floor, Student Union Building


Room 212, 2nd floor, Svea Building

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