Are you looking for a prayer hall ??

There is prayer rooms in both campus Johannesberg and Lindholmen.

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Why CIF: Chalmers Islamiska Förening (CIF) is a non political student association at Chalmers University of Technology. Our mission is : Strengthening Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood among the Muslims at CTH. Arranging religious activities for the Muslims at CTH. Providing



We at CIF offer a wide range of activities, among which the most notable is the daily prayer. The Friday prayer which we arrange every week at the sports hall located at the heart of the student union building is



If you have any questions regarding CIF our you just want to give us feedback you are more then welcome to fill in the form below our send an Email to    

Recent News

  • CIF Annual Meeting

    CIF Annual Meeting

    Asslamalikum This is to inform all, that selection of the NEW Board members for the year 2019 will be conducted in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 23rd of February. To facilitate the selection process we would like to inviteRead More »
  • New in Chalmers?

    New in Chalmers?

    Asslamalaikum New students at Chalmers University are invited to attend the ‘Welcome Event’ by us here at CIF. The event will include the introduction of CIF, its many activities and registration of new members. All are invited irrespective of their religionRead More »
  • Ramadan IFTAR invitation

    Ramadan IFTAR invitation

    Aslamalikum *PLEASE NOTE THE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED NOW* You are all cordially invited to the second Iftar of this Holy month of Ramadan. Feel free to bring any family members and friends, Muslim or non-Muslim to attend the program. Date:Read More »

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